Relearning to love learning

As a child I was a bit of a geek, I really enjoyed school! As an adult I find that I haven’t really spent much time consciously making an effort to learn.  Obviously I have learned loads of stuff in that time – I’ve had two kids (major learning curve!), I’ve done renovations on the house, I’ve progressed in my career – but I’ve never really thought about learning, it’s just happened organically I suppose.

Recently though, since starting Salvia Glass, I’ve realised that there is a mountain of things to learn to really get a small business of the ground.  I’m not going to lie, it is pretty intimidating.  Not only do you have to practice your craft to create things people might actually want to part with their hard earned cash for, but it turns out you have to be a photographer, accountant, market researcher, web site manager and don’t even get me started on social media!

What I have discovered though is that I’m really loving learning again, actual real on purpose learning.  I have bought books, signed up to Facebook groups and read numerous blogs.  I have practised improving my photos and tried different editing tools.  I found the ‘Mollie Makes Social Media Guide for Growing your Creative Business’ last week and I woke up in the morning wanting to read that more than anything else I had to do with my day, making notes and getting excited about trying out my new skills.

So I’m embracing my new found enthusiasm for learning new things and I’m intent on putting it into practice and seeing the improvements I can make, with the same attitude as my boys had when they were younger – keep trying and learn from mistakes so you can be better next time, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Try and notice when you are learning something new, it is really satisfying when you become aware of it.  What have you learned lately?

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