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End of term, getting colourful and trying my hand at digital lettering...

As shops open up and online shopping isn’t the only option any longer, we have been watching our sales bob up and down which is anxiety inducing to say the least when you are running a small business.  It’s hard to explain the confidence drain and negative self talk veering towards panic when we have a couple of days of no sales.

However, worrying about it without taking action doesn’t really help anyone so we’ve been working hard on some new product ideas, and ways to engage with out customer.  Last time I talked about our plan to do a ‘colour of the month’ so we’ve kicked that off for July.  Pop over to our Instagram to learn all about the colour red – the highest arc on the rainbow.  It’s been really fun understanding more about the history of colours, how they work together, what they symbolise etc.

Our next collection launch will be focused on trees.  We have a range of different sized pictures with trees in a range of colours (obviously!) which will be up on the website too.  Here’s a sneak peak – had to be a red one of course.

Sneak peak of some new products – in red naturally!

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I’ve been getting back to my ideas around building hand lettering into our glass art pieces.  At the start of lockdown I treated myself to an Apple Pencil and Procreate which is a digital design app but then homeschool happened and I never really got time to get to grips with it.  I have tons to learn about the different brushes and tools available as I know people do amazing things with it.  This week I’ve spend a little bit of time having a play as I want to use it to design compositions which I can then translate into glass.  Lots of things to think about with it but there is so much potential that I can’t wait to explore it more.  

New picture concept drawn on Procreate

But first we have the summer holidays.  No school work but also no structure for the kids so I’m trying to come up with ideas, outside excursions, craft projects but apparently ‘organised fun’ is only so appealing so I’m trying to let go of the structure and just go with it a bit more too.  Once they are back at school in September I will finally get some time to focus on Salvia Glass.  My brain is buzzing with so many ideas,  September won’t know what’s hit it!

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