Spring is in the air!

I love that going out in the evening to take the boys to clubs I don’t have to put the lights on in the car, and when the alarm goes off in the morning you can see daylight peeking round the edge of the curtains.

This week the kids are back at school so back to a bit of normality (and less lunches out sadly).  With pancake day yesterday – Nutella and raspberries are a firm favourite filling – and the start of Lent today it feels like Spring is really on the horizon.

My 9 year old came home from school on Tuesday to tell me they’d had an assembly all about pancake day.  I asked him if they had learned about Shrove Tuesday and how people used to eat up all their fresh ingredients before fasting, and why people would fast for the 40 days before Easter etc.  His response – ‘No, we learned that pancakes aren’t vegan’ – sigh.

“Pancakes aren’t vegan”

Anyway,  I love that going out in the evening to take the boys to clubs I don’t have to put the lights on in the car, and when the alarm goes off in the morning you can see daylight peeking round the edge of the curtains.  These changes, with the blossom on the trees, the crocuses and daffodils emerging, definitely give me a much needed energy boost.  If it wasn’t for Christmas I would happily hibernate for winter.  Hibernating animals have got it right, eat loads in the Autumn, sleep all Winter and wake up having slept off all the calories in Spring!  So, despite the click bait suggesting that we can still expect ‘heavy snow in Croydon on these 4 days in March’ I am feeling motivated.

Having spent the last couple of months experimenting with getting my hand lettering fused into glass I feel like I’m really making some progress.  This week I’ve had a couple of pieces that I’m really pleased with come out using glass tints (really pale tinted glass) so will definitely be framing them up for the shop, and can’t wait to make some more in different colours.

I’ve also been thinking about how to make the small glass tiles more greetings card friendly so had a go at using some thinner glass so they are lighter and hopefully can be sent as a normal letter in the post – I’ll be taking one up to the Post Office to see if I can squeeze it through the little plastic slot they use to measure without damaging it.  Fingers crossed.

The priority for cards is definitely Mother’s Day.  It is still early days for Salvia Glass and I think it will take me a few years before I can get my head around the timeline of making products months in advance of an event.  Organisation is not my strongest skill, I’ve always been a bit of a wing it at the last minute sort of person so thinking about Christmas in June and Easter in December is going to be a struggle.  I read that it takes 3 months for a pin to ‘mature’ on Pinterest so I should have been pinning Mother’s Day cards before Christmas.  I can safely say that ship has sailed this year but with Mother’s Day only a few weeks away I needed to get cracking if we are to have any chance of selling cards online.

With or without an apostrophe?

I have had a lesson in not cutting grammatical corners today as I couldn’t decide if it was ‘Mothers Day’ ie. A day for all the mothers collectively, or  ‘Mother’s Day’ a day for just one specific mother.  I went with the former, hand lettered all the cards and took product photos for the shop.  Feeling quite pleased with myself I sat down to edit the pictures but the niggling doubt was in my head so I quickly googled and discovered that there should be an apostrophe after all.  Luckily it is fairly straight forward to add the apostrophe in on the cards but I now have to retake all the photos tomorrow morning, grrrr.

So whether you are celebrating your own mother, grandmother, step mother or abandoning the apostrophe and just celebrating all mothers if you’ve yet to get a card and like the look of ours grab one now and we’ll get it made and in the post to you in plenty of time.

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Daffodil Photo by Andrew Pledger from Pexels

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