Positivity Spreading! New Shops Carry Salvia Glass!

I’m absolutely thrilled that handcrafted positivity pebbles and mini tins are spreading their wings and landing in two fabulous independent gift shops.

First up, the delightful Feather Robins in Northampton! If you’re ever in the area, be sure to pop in and say hello. I can’t wait for their customers to discover the joy of choosing their very own pebble – a little pocket-sized reminder to embrace the day with a smile.

Next, heading south to Apples & Pears near Woking, Surrey! A huge thank you to them for welcoming Salvia Glass and giving me the opportunity to spread a little extra positivity in their local community. Sending them all the love and best wishes!

The Power of Local Businesses

Supporting independent shops like Feather Robins and Apples & Pears is incredibly important to me. These stores are the beating heart of our communities, offering unique products and personalised customer service you don’t often find in the bigger stores.

By shopping local, you’re not just investing in a beautiful pebble or a cute mini tin, you’re supporting the dreams and aspirations of small business owners. You’re helping to create vibrant and diverse shopping experiences in your local area.

Spreading Positivity, One Pebble at a Time

At Salvia Glass, my mission is simple: to spread a little more positivity in the world, one handcrafted pebble or greeting card at a time. I believe that taking a moment to focus on the positive aspects of life can make a big difference. Whether it’s finding joy in the simple things, embracing challenges with courage, or simply reminding yourself to smile, my pebbles are a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Finding my products in these fantastic shops means that even more people will have the chance to experience the power of positivity pebbles. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to expand my reach and connect with a wider audience.

Let’s Stay Connected!

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I’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, new product announcements, and inspiring stories of how our pebbles are making a difference in people’s lives.

Thanks for being part of the Salvia Glass community! Here’s to spreading positivity, one pebble at a time!

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