Ditch the Emojis and Boost Happiness! The Science Behind Sending Cards

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Ever wonder if anyone even sends real cards anymore? Turns out, they DO - and it can make YOU happier!

Ever wonder if anyone even sends real cards anymore? Turns out, they DO – and it can make YOU happier! This blog post explores the surprising science behind the power of greeting cards.

We all know the feeling: scrolling through endless birthday e-cards, wondering if anyone even sends real cards anymore. Well, guess what? They DO – an estimated 827 million cards were sent last year – and for good reason!

Digital greetings are easy, but there’s something magical about a handwritten card. Studies show that getting a physical card actually makes people happier than an email or text1. Think about it – a real card is like a little present, a tangible reminder that someone was thinking of you and a keepsake for the future.

But wait, there’s more! Sending a card isn’t just about making someone else’s day. Harvard University say that doing nice things for others, like sending a thoughtful note, can actually make YOU happier too2. Double win!

So ditch the emojis and skip the impersonal texts. Take a moment to pick out a the perfect card, write a heartfelt message (no pressure, just a few kind words!), and experience the joy of giving (and maybe get a happiness boost yourself!).

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